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Young Bobo is a space fanatic and in his suburban 1980's bedroom, he has managed to fully assemble his birthday present, A Glenn Chandler Genesis Planet Kit! Feeding ingredients into the machine should allow him the chance to create his own little world. What could possibly go wrong?

Based on the theme A Small World and heavily inspired by a short story I read when I was very young that has stayed with me my entire life. Bobo's Star by Glen Chandler.

Having finished this game and thought about it a lot, I am very proud of it and happy with the end product… but I don't think anyone is going to enjoy it as much as me. I made it very difficult to understand how to "win" and most people will see the fail condition and give up. Which is kinda exactly what I wanted because it fits with the subject material and inspiration. However, if anyone DOES stick with it and manage to make a planet, the reward, I hope, should feel like quite the achievement. Honestly, if you had to make a planet in a vacuum chamber, it WOULD be very difficult.

I am not expecting high scores for FUN on this one! But I stick by it and am really happy that I made it. I hope you at least are mildly amused by the game if you don't enjoy it. Thank you for playing!

Mouse and Click Controls

Published Apr 24, 2017
Tags80s, bedroom, black-hole, Ludum Dare 38, Space


GenesisPlanetKit64.zip 184 MB
GenesisPlanetKit32.zip 159 MB
PostJam64BitGPK.zip 185 MB


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Your Unreal skills continue to impress me, great entry. Oh and look at the kids poster on their wall, would that happen to be the famous 'Space Pow Collins'?